The most scenic waterfalls in the Blue Mountains

Draped upon the grandeur of the Blue Mountains are a series of waterfalls that make visits to the park even more worth it. A trail trodden through the pristine rainforest gorge leads to a valley of waterfalls that epitomize natural beauty.

The waterfalls cascade from deep, narrow valleys and gush through the mystic blue lakes underneath.

Gordon Creeks

At the base of the waterfalls are swimming holes and picnic areas that are perfect for leisure afternoons.

An awe-inspiring view equally awaits guests upon standing across the falls and witnessing the water plunge with great fervor into the serene rivers and lakes.

22 Blue Mountains Waterfalls

We’ve narrowed the list down to the best, must-see waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. How many waterfalls will you tick off your bucket list?

  1. Wentworth Falls – Wentworth Falls
  2. Leura Cascades – Leura
  3. Gordon Falls – Leura
  4. Katoomba Falls – Katoomba
  5. Empress Falls – Wentworth Falls
  6. Sylvia Falls – Wentworth Falls
  7. Lodore Falls – Wentworth Falls
  8. Minnehaha Falls – Katoomba North
  9. Federal Falls – South Lawson
  10. Victor Falls – South Lawson
  11. Junction Falls – South Lawson
  12. Terrace Falls – South Lawson
  13. Beauchamp Falls – Blackheath
  14. Govetts Leap Waterfall – Blackheath
  15. Mabel Falls – Hazelbrook
  16. Clarinda Falls – Hazelbrook
  17. Adelina Falls – South Lawson
  18. Horseshoe Falls – Hazelbrook
  19. Dantes Glen – Lawson
  20. Victoria Falls – Mount Victoria
  21. Bridal Veil Falls – Leura
  22. The Grotto – Blackheath

1. Wentworth Falls

Area: Wentworth Falls
Walking Time: 10 minutes

Wentworth Falls is one of the majestic waterfalls situated at the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park, in proximity to the town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales.

This three-tiered waterfall ascends at a height of 187 meters (614 ft.). The torrents of water run from the adjacent Jamison Creek.

Wentworth falls in the blue mountains

Wentworth Falls (pictured above) features picnic grounds designed for activities such as bird-watching and bushwalking around Blue Mountains National Park.

The picturesque picnic area is the ideal spot to lounge amid the verdant rainforest.

The sprawling greenery is suitable for children to play around, with picnic blankets laid on the floor.

Revel in the scenic views as you take an invigorating sip of your morning tea or as you relish your delectable lunch.

Sounds of the whip-birds and lyrebirds seamlessly fill the ambience along with the well-kept banksias and eucalypt trees.

2. Leura Cascades

Area: Leura
Walking Time: 10 minutes

Also within the lush confines of the Blue Mountains National Park is the Leura Cascades. It is a small, striking waterfall set amidst towering ferns and gum trees.

Located in the Leura area, the Leura Cascades (pictured below) comprises of some of the most scenic panoramas in the Blue Mountains. An easy stroll leads to Leura Cascades and its family-friendly picnic area.

Leura Cascades in the Blue Mountains

With the waterfall at the backdrop, families and group of friends can spend the day bird-watching, taking beautiful photographs, and enjoying each other’s company amongst nature’s best.

Bushwalkers can descend alongside the rapids leading to the wispy, light-flowing Bridal Veil Falls and Leura Falls.

3. Gordon Falls

Area: Leura
Walking Time: 30 minutes

From Leura Cascades, a bushwalking trail leads to another entrancing waterfall, Gordon Falls (pictured below).

Going from Leura Park to Gordon Falls Park takes an approximate 1 hour and 15 minute-stroll with delightful views of the Jamison Valley and a couple of side trips to smaller waterfalls along the way.

Gordon Falls in the Blue Mountains

Gordon Falls offers a lookout spot and a picnic area to its visitors.

The lookout is perched on the waterfall that flows over a 200-meter drop. Resplendent views of Mount Solitary and Kings Tableland can also be seen from the lookout perspective.

Find peregrine falcons hovering in the skies, and lyrebirds dwelling within the forests.

The picnic grounds are fit for a relaxing day trip with the entire family, with a playground and several tables set upon the greenery.

4. Katoomba Falls

Area: Katoomba
Walking Time: 15 minutes

Katoomba Falls (pictured below), in the Blue Mountains’ Katoomba region, cascades about 150 metres into Jamison Valley between Echo Point and Scenic World.

From Scenic World, a short but beautiful circular walk leads guests through dense rainforest to the waterfall, with panoramic views of the valley and adjacent escarpments.

Katoomba Falls at the Blue Mountains

The Katoomba Falls Round Walk begins between the parking lot and Scenic World’s main entrance. The Prince Henry Cliff Walk, a 7-kilometer trek to the Gordon Falls overlook in Leura, begins here.

The Katoomba Falls trail has several viewpoint sites that provide stunning views of the falls.

5. Empress Falls

Area: Wentworth Falls
Walking Time: 90 minutes (Valley of the Waters track – round trip)

As you make your way down several narrow stairways, you’ll hear the roar of Empress Falls. Several viewpoint locations can be found along the trail to Empress Falls, which provides stunning views of the Jamison Valley and the surrounding area.

Weekend hikers are likely to hear the exuberance of canyoners since Empress is a top choice for first-timers looking to try their hand at the sport.

Empress Falls is nestled amongst the woods and can only be reached by a series of rugged steps.

Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

There are lush ferns covering the cliffs surrounding it as it thunders down the canyon.

Just 900 metres from the Conservation Hut, the base of Empress Falls may be reached in a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for a good site to witness some canyoning, here is the place to be.

Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls are two additional beautiful waterfalls that may be found by following the creek downstream.

6. Sylvia Falls

Area: Wentworth Falls
Walking Time: 90 minutes (Valley of the Waters track – round trip)

After leaving Empress Falls, the hike to Sylvia Falls takes only a few minutes and a few flights of steps (a total of 150m). It’s a beautiful waterfall that’s a mountain local favourite.

Sylvia Falls is one of the prettier waterfalls you will encounter on the valley of the waters track.

Water rushes over jagged rocks in various streams, creating a surreal atmosphere. It’s stunning – beautiful after a rainfall!

Sylvia Falls - waterfall in the Blue Mountains

You’ll be spoiled for choice on this route, with views of the mountain views in all directions! Taking photos of this waterfall is a treat, specially after some rain.

The only drawback is the arduous return trip up the stairwell!

7. Lodore Falls

Area: Wentworth Falls
Walking Time: 90 minutes (Valley of the Waters track – round trip)

Lodore Falls’ lovely stepping stones may be reached after a 50-meter walk from Sylvia Falls. To get a better view of Lodore Falls, continue walking along the sandstone cliffs and peeking through the shrubs.

Unfortunately, owing to the dense vegetation, it is impossible to see the entire cascade of Lodore Falls (pictured below), which is a shame because it is an amazing waterfall.

Lodore Falls waterfall in Blue Mountains

You can obtain a partial view of Lodore Falls from a 150-meter-long side route, but it’s a bit narrow and shaky, so be careful.

8. Minnehaha Falls

Area: Katoomba North
Walking Time: 90 minutes (round trip)

Minnehaha Falls may be hidden from view, yet it is nothing short of spectacular. Even though there are some areas that have steps and some railings, the track down and up may not be ideal for families.

The Minnehaha waterfall is breathtaking.

Minnehaha Falls - Katoomba

It’s a very short trek, returning in approximately 1.5 hours. With signs, it’s easy to go around, but there are also steep spots and cliffs that aren’t gated, so be aware. After a rain, the ground may become muddy, making appropriate footwear a must.

Minnehaha Falls has a chilly, deep-water swimming spot beneath a towering, magnificent waterfall. A refreshing dip in the pool is the ideal way to cool off on a scorching day.

The view from the top of the cliff is quite spectacular. Stunning in every way.

9. Federal Falls

Area: South Lawson
Walking Time: 90 minutes (for the Circuit walk)

The Federal Falls (pictured below), located on the 2.5-kilometer South Lawson Circuit Walk, is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the four waterfalls that can be seen there.

Lawson, a peaceful Blue Mountains village with its own train station on the Blue Mountains Line, lies 15 kilometres east of Katoomba.

The circuit walk’s beginning location is less than a kilometre from the railway station.

Federal Falls Blue Mountains

The four waterfalls that line the trail aren’t very large or impressive, but they are nonetheless rather lovely.

The area’s beautiful scenery and peaceful environs greatly enhance the experience.

In addition to being one of the few walking trails in the Blue Mountains that welcomes dogs, the circuit walk is over a century old.

Located at the base of a horseshoe-shaped valley, Federal Falls has a sandy beach. Avoid the urge to proceed in the direction of the top of the falls, which is not clearly indicated.

While it isn’t easy to get to the end of the track, even if there is a handrail, it is worth the effort.

Taking a brief shower in the waterfall is a great way to refresh yourself. It might be hard work to get back, but it’s absolutely worth it.

10. Victor Falls

Area: South Lawson
Walking Time: 90 minutes (for the Circuit walk)

The trek to Victor Falls from Hazelbrook isn’t difficult, although it does have some uneven ground and a few small uphill stretches. After a heavy rain, it should take around two hours to walk.

In the same nature reserve as Terrace Falls, Victor Falls is only a short distance upstream.

Victor Falls

Victor Falls is a sight to behold on its own, nestled in a natural amphitheatre between trees and ferns of every hue and texture. Stepping stones make it easier to cross the brook. Despite being overgrown, the trail is well-traveled.

You’ll hear Victor Falls roaring over the cliff as you go down the woodland route. You’ll be at the foot of the falls after descending a few flights of stairs.

It’s almost like there are two different waterfalls here, and both are well worth a trip! It’s a lovely design that’s also uncommon. The waterfall is fairly large, and you’ll get a better view of its height as you continue up the trail.

11. Junction Falls

Area: South Lawson
Walking Time: 90 minutes (for the Circuit walk)

The area around Junction Falls is quite stunning. Lawson, a quiet hamlet, is the perfect setting for our establishment.

The Waterfall Circuit includes Junction Falls. You could even dive underwater if you’re daring enough!

It’s a terrific area to take pictures and a nice place to get away from it all! Two sandstone escarpments known as “pancake” escarpments may be seen in the rain forest. Small ferns and orchids thrive in the high humidity of the two waterfalls.

Junction Falls

During low-to-medium flow conditions, the bigger of the two falls makes a distinct “cracking” sound (similar to fireworks). Both waterfalls are stunning, and there’s a fantastic spot to sit and listen to the sound of running water nearby.

Although the path to and from these waterfalls is quite steep and at times challenging, the effort is well worth it.

12. Terrace Falls

Area: South Lawson
Walking Time: 90 minutes (for the Circuit walk)

Terrace Falls is a stunning series of cascades nestled in a lush forest environment. It’s fascinating to see it run over the rocks and into the brook.

Awe-inspiring views of a wide range of landscapes. The start and finish of the trail are covered with bush, while the centre is a lovely rain forest. It even feels as though the ferns are trying to take back the route because of the thick beauty around it.

Terrace Falls, Blue Mountains

A beautiful walk with a few river crossings, waterfalls, and pools to see. Spectacular and quiet, Terrace Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area.

13. Beauchamp Falls

Area: Blackheath
Walking Time: 2-4 hours

The Beauchamp Falls are a cascading waterfall on the Greaves Creek, some 2.5 kilometres east of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, where it empties into the Grose Valley.

Evans lookout offers breathtaking views of the verdant canyon below, making for a refreshing change of pace from the more arid surroundings. Beauchamp Falls is the next stop on the trail.

Beauchamp Falls

Toward the Grose Valley bottom, the falls plunge 10 metres to the ground.

You may get to the falls by using the Rodriguez Pass walking trail, which is a part of the Grand Canyon Circuit, a Blue Mountains heritage walking track.

The Blackheath Falls were renamed William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp Falls in 1899 in honour of New South Wales Governor William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp.


14. Govetts Leap Waterfall

Area: Blackheath
Walking Time: 1 minute

Compared to Govetts Leap Falls, they don’t come much easier to get to than this one. Just park your car at one of the most breathtaking mountain lookouts and stroll around 20 metres to the fence to catch a glimpse of the waterfall.

Sometimes known as Bridal Veil Falls (not to be confused with Bridal Veil Falls in Leura) is the highest single-drop waterfall in the Blue Mountains at 180 metres.

Govetts Leap Lookout offers the best view of Govetts Leap Falls. The Grose Valley’s towering cliffs and deep gorges may be seen to your right from the overlook. To your left, Govetts Leap Falls plunge 180 metres from the cliff into the valley below.

Govetts Leap Waterfall

The Blue Mountains don’t get any bigger than this in terms of landscape size. The view from Govetts Leap, which faces east, is one of the greatest in the Blue Mountains for seeing the dawn break.

15. Mabel Falls

Area: Hazelbrook
Walking Time: 20 minutes

The path to Mabel Falls begin with a small, bushy trail that eventually descends onto well-built stairs. You’re suddenly engulfed by a thick canopy of ferns and tall trees, which provide pleasant shade and a sense of privacy.

All ages may enjoy the simple 20 minute walk to the falls, and there is a wide sandy-bottomed pool at the foot of the falls for swimming. There is also a wide overhang where you may stroll behind the falls.

Mabel Falls

The water from Mabel Falls pours into a green pool at the bottom after tumbling over a fern-covered ledge. Mabel Falls has a great atmosphere despite its lack of grandeur.

16. Clarinda Falls

Area: Hazelbrook
Walking Time: 20 minutes

It’s a pleasant stroll through the forest to come to these little yet lovely waterfalls.

Steps with varying heights make it difficult for those with disabilities and the elderly to navigate.

A almost vertical cliff drops into a shallow sand pool below, where the water cascades. The falls are clearly marked from the main trail and offer a refreshing break, especially on hot days. So, so green once you’re down in the gully.

Clarinda Falls

To avoid disappointment, it’s best to visit after a rainstorm.

Clarinda Falls may be reached in two ways: either park at the bottom of Sassafras Gully Rd and hike up the trail to the falls, or use the other route.

There is an other parking option near Springwood Station (a sign points to the track) on Sir Henrys Parade, which will take you to the falls through Safras Gully and then the Victory Track.

17. Adelina Falls

Area: South Lawson
Walking Time: 10 minutes

The waterfall was originally called Livingstone Falls, but was later renamed Adelina Falls.

There are several little drops before the last one onto the rocks below. The bottom half of Adeline Falls, despite its height, offers the greatest view.

It’s a popular spot in the summer since there are so many locations to stop and take pictures.

It’s a great place for youngsters to paddle because it’s not too deep or fast-flowing.

Adelina Falls Blue Mountains

On the way there, it’s primarily down a steep slope, although there are a few stairs thrown in for good measure.

It’s a short walk back up the steps to the parking lot. If you want to avoid the crowds, head here early in the morning.

18. Horseshoe Falls

Area: Hazelbrook
Walking Time: 10 minutes

There is a small but beautiful waterfall on Hazelbrook Creek called Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook, which is part of the Horseshoe Falls Reserve.

The waterfall may be reached by a bushwalk that covers three additional waterfalls, including Burgess Falls and Oaklands Falls, and is only moderately difficult to complete.

Take Oaklands Road as your starting point for your hike to the falls, and stay on the trail that has enormous stairwells with ledges. There is a bus that stops right near the Oakland s Rd entrance.

Once you’ve reached the waterfall, dive behind the curtain of water to explore a cavern with a towering ceiling.

Horseshoe Falls waterfall

Horseshoe Falls is thrilling because you can really walk under a rock overhang directly behind the cascade, which is a fantastic experience.

Glow worms may also be seen at Horseshoe Falls, which is one of the few places in the Blue Mountains where this is possible. The glow worms will twinkle if you visit the falls at night.

It can get busy on weekends but otherwise reasonably quiet and peaceful.

19. Dantes Glen

Area: Lawson
Walking Time: 15 minutes

Dantes Glen Walking Track Lawson is around a 2km round trip with an elevation of 78 metres. To extend your walk, both St. Michael’s Falls and Fairy Falls are both within a short distance of one other.

Due to the quantity and steepness of well-formed steps on the path, the descent into Dantes Glen is a moderate hike.

Dantes Glen’s bridge is rickety and rustic, however, it is rather wide, and the stream below is just around 1.5 metres away.

Dantes Glen

At the base for the waterfall, a tiny pool collects the water that the waterfall dumps as it cascades down the rock face. The cliffs are covered with dense greenery, creating a sense of privacy.

20. Victoria Falls

Area – Mount Victoria
Walking Time: 2.5 hours

To make it to Victoria Falls, you’ll need to be fit. The zig-zagging trail leads down from Mount Victoria to one of the Blue Mountains’ most stunning waterfalls, which is at the base of a towering sandstone cliff.

Even though it’s just 4 kilometres long, this is a challenging trek! It’s a two-kilometer descent down the cliff, but the journey must be completed both ways.

Victoria Falls

Two swimming holes may be found at Victoria Falls, a beautiful waterfall cascading over a rock overhang that juts out over the terrain. First, the cascades, and then Victoria Falls itself.

21. Bridal Veil Falls

Area – Leura
Walking Time: 30 minutes

With rain, Bridal Veil Falls in Leura is a stunning multi-tiered cascade. The waterfall may be viewed from both the top and the bottom.

With its waterfall and modest traffic, the Bridal Veil Lookout path is suitable for hikers of all levels. Access to the route is available year-round for hiking, jogging, nature walks, and birdwatching.

Bridal Veil Falls, Blue Mountains

A breathtaking walk in the Blue Mountains National Park that the whole family may enjoy. Parking, restrooms, picnic areas, and trail markers are all provided at the trailhead

Once you reach the viewpoint locations, you’ll be treated to some of the most breathtaking views. It’s a long walk up hills, but it’s worth it for the breathtaking view of a magnificent waterfall you receive at the end.

There is a risk of slipping if it has just rained or if it is pouring. As you trek up, be aware of any dangers.

Bridal Veil Falls may also be seen up close and personal from the Ampitheatre and the Lookout.

22. The Grotto

Area – Blackheath
Walking Time: 20 minutes

About a 20-minute walk from Centenial Glen’s parking, you’ll find the Grotto at Blackheath, which has variously been referred to as Fairy Grotto and Harpers Cave.

The Grotto is a unique waterfall in that it makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into another dimension.

In the steep canyon, the water cascades into a deep pool at the bottom, where it subsequently overflows into a smaller, more accessible pool.

The Grotto at Blackheath

At this point, you may either wade in the nearly chest-deep water and climb up into the Grotto, or there is a small, slippery ledge that will keep you dry and allow you to go into the Grotto.

The place is suitable for children, however access to the grotto may be challenging and requires care. Centennial Glen has a lot of steps leading down from the parking lot, so getting back up might be hard work for some.

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains?

Aside from these aforementioned waterfalls, numerous others can be found within the Blue Mountains.

A simple trail through the rainforest encompasses a series of enthralling waterfalls that can be considered as the microcosm of the Blue Mountains and its unrivalled beauty.

Of course, there are too many waterfalls to see in one day.

So it’s a good idea to allow a few days, and find the best place to stay in the Blue Mountains. Use it as a jumping off point for these various hikes – to see as many waterfalls as possible.

Explore more with our Blue Mountains map and find your way around Australia’s famous mountain region. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

How big are the Blue Mountains? What is the tallest mountain? Where are the Blue Mountains? Why are the Blue Mountains blue? This special iconic place invokes so many questions – see our Blue Mountains Facts page to get all the answers.

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