Soothe the mind and spirit.

Once populated by flocks of cattle and sheep, Blaxland is especially reputed for its sunny days and refreshing breeze. One of the most developed towns that borders the Blue Mountains, Blaxland is a mere 50 minute drive from Katoomba.

Packed full with ancient archaeological structures and striking views, this is the type of place that will undoubtedly soothe your mind and spirit, enabling you to feel entirely in touch with nature.

Oozing with charm, this town is also ideal for tourists who want to experience local culture and immerse themselves in the Australian wilderness. Best of all, the region offers a bird’s eye view of the world-renowned Katoomba Falls. It is even possible to spot Blue Mountains’ Three Sisters formation from one of the town’s numerous viewpoints.

Katoomba Falls View

Built in 1825, the remains of the Pilgrim Inn is easily one of Blaxland’s most popular attractions. Classified as a World Heritage Site, these ruins are found adjacent to the town’s McDonald’s. According to official records, the inn was surrounded by a sprawling cedar terrace and used to be covered in shingles. Outside was a large stable for the residents’ horses.

While visitors can only see the vestiges of what used to be an exceptionally impressive building, this establishment was the first major inn erected in Blaxland.

Florabella Pass

If you want to experience the soft mud under your feet or breathe in the pure forest air, you might want to take a bushwalk across Florabella Pass. With rugged terrain and hidden creeks awaiting to be discovered, this small forest is brimming with rare birds such as the elusive Lyrebird. Teeming with foliage and colourful fungi, this spot also houses some of Blaxland’s most intricate eroded rock formations.

While crossing the Florabella Pass, you might even be lucky enough to encounter some of the rarest flora in the world, such as the Wollemi pine. Technically a living fossil, this particular plant can be traced back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The pass offers a 3-km walk recommended to intermediate and experienced hikers.

Florabella Pass Wollemi Pine

Wascoe Siding Miniature Railway

Add an extra dash of fun to your trip to Blue Mountains by visiting the Wascoe Siding Miniature Railway. Perfect for family outings and kids, this attraction will take you on no less than five laps through the tunnel and around the park on Blaxland’s miniature locomotives. Powered by electricity, diesel or steam, these small trains are open to the public on the first Sunday of every month.

Blaxland Facts

Originally named Wascoe, Blaxland is one of Blue Mountains’ most developed towns. A 70 minute train ride away from Sydney, this area has an altitude of 234m above sea level, hence providing you with a sweeping view of the neighbouring lakes and forests.

This thriving community is packed full of play centres for children, shopping malls, industrial areas, coffee houses, restaurants, as well as a plethora of hotels and inns for tourists who want to stay overnight. With a population of 6953, Blaxland is also known for its Saturday Markets where visitors can sample local delicacies and artefacts.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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