Wentworth Falls
Bursting with open spaces, bushwalks and beautiful scenery

With extravagant multi-tiered waterfalls to its name, Wentworth Falls is just 95kms away from Sydney, but it still enables you to get lost in the middle of unblemished nature.

Wentworth Falls

Perfectly appointed with a variety of motels, hotels and inns for visitors who want to spend the night, Wentworth Falls has a moderate population of 5650. Boasting an altitude of 867 above sea level, this town is known for its stunning views over the neighbouring towns and villages.

Originally built in 1878 as a water storage system for ancient steam trains, the Wentworth Falls Lake is now a pleasurably refreshing place where families often go for a quick dip or picnic across its grassy shores.

Also reputed as an excellent fishing spot, this lake is brimming with trout, hence allowing you to enjoy a freshly caught and delicious grilled snack right on the shore. In fact, several electric barbecues have been set up across the southern part of the lake for visitors who want to grill their catches.

Best of all, a children play area is also set up to keep the kids safe and busy while you enjoy a relaxing snooze on the grass. You can also use the low-built jetty to launch your kayak or canoe for an energetic rowing session in the delectably clear water.

It should still be noted that power boats are not allowed on the lake, for safety reasons. With a capacity of 300Ml, this man-made lake has a maximum depth of 6meters. A shallow area is also included for children or anyone who is not comfortable in deeper waters.

Charles Darwin Walk

Bursting with magical waterfalls, rare bird species and picturesque views, the Charles Darwin Walk really helped put Lawson on the map.

This remarkable bushwalk borrows its name from the world-famous naturalist because Charles Darwin walked this exact trail back in 1836. You will need around 50 minutes to 1.15 hours to complete this Grade 3 bushwalk that covers around 2.4km of Wentworth Falls’ enchanting grounds.

It is recommended to bring along your binoculars, spotting scopes or cameras because this region is practically teeming with rare wildlife such as the Black Cockatoos, Shrub Wrens and Honeyeaters. As far as plants are concerned, you might even be lucky enough to spot the native Banksia trees that are unique to Lawson.

Black Cockatoo

Kings Tableland Area

Visitors can take a short 8 minute walk from Wentworth Falls through Bullaburra to reach a unique sandstone plateau known as Kings Tableland Area.

This remote area comes with a spectacular viewpoint that offers a truly majestic view across the Blue Mountains area. Wentworth Falls’ Kings Tableland area is also known for its indigenous significance since this was where the Gandangara council leaders used to hold official meetings.

Kings Tableland

In this region, visitors will also be able to check out the ancient rock engravings that depict different bird and kangaroo tracks.

Wentworth Falls Hotels

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Map of Wentworth Falls

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