A delightful mountain village

The aboriginal name for “Eagle’s Nest”, Warrimoo is teeming with rare birds and versatile attractions that are bound to please just about anyone.


First opened in 1918, the Warrimoo Railway Station is one of the town’s historical and better-known landmarks. This urban station has quite a lot of local significance since it was the first railway transport to link Warrimoo to the neighboring towns and Blue Mountains region.

Visitors will undoubtedly marvel at the station post-war Functionalist architecture as well as its old-fashioned stone structure that enthralled researchers from all over the world. At 275 meters over sea level, this station also offers a great view over the town in general.

Aadjacent to Warrimoo Station is Adrill Park, one of the town’s sixteen public gardens. This park provides you with the perfect location for a relaxing family picnic after a long day exploring the town. With plenty of space for the kids to run around, this park is lush, sunny and infused with the crisp, fresh air that helped make Blue Mountains popular all over the world.

From wide, green parks to shady bush walks smack in the middle of wildlife, Warrimoo will certainly provide a much-needed break from your everyday life.

Pippas Pass track

Abundant in foliage and rare wildlife, the Pippas Pass Track will take you across a scenic nature walk from Warrimoo into Blaxland. Extremely popular among locals and tourists alike, the bush walk leads you into a thick rainforest filled with Lyrebirds, Flame Robins, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Gang Gang Cockatoos, Owls and other rare species that you probably won’t see anywhere else.

Flame Robin

This is why it’s highly advisable to equip yourself with binoculars or spotting scopes as you explore Pippas Pass’ muddy terrain.

Amateur botanists will undoubtedly relish in the numerous wildflowers and colourful bushland such as flannel flowers and pink angophoras.

Flannel Flowers

Warrimoo’s Pippas Pass track is also wildly reputed for its shelter caves that still bears intricate patterns that were brought on by centuries-old weathering. Visitors should set aside around 3 to 4 hours to complete this 6km walk. Because it has a 280m ascent and a 330m descent, it is best suited for intermediate to more experienced walkers.

This track concludes in Blaxland, where you can enjoy a cooling drink in a tavern right opposite the exit. If you’re on the more energetic side, you can hike back to Warrimoo, or just hop on a train that will take you back to town.

Warrimoo Facts

From Sydney, Warrimoo is 67kms from Sydney, accessible through an easy one hour ride by car or 70 minutes by train.

Unlike the larger towns that border the Blue Mountains area, this charming region has  a rather small population of 2000. Locals are extremely friendly towards visitors, so don’t hesitate to engage in conversation and learn more about the fascinating stories and legends that surround this delightful town.

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