Mt Victoria
Discover the beautiful historic architecture

Boasting a tiny population of 828, Mt Victoria is one of the oldest towns in the Blue Mountains region.

With an altitude of 1064m above sea level, this town does offer quite a lot in terms of accommodation. For example, visitors can rent one of the town’s many enchanting cottages as they spend a few days exploring Mt. Victoria’s many hidden treasures.

Mt Victoria

If you want something more upscale, the town also includes historical establishments such as the Imperial Hotel.

During your visit, you might also come across the Mitchell Ridge lookout, a historic viewpoint that delivers an amazing view over Mt Victoria.

Built in 1832, this lookout was erected to mark the opening of Victoria Pass and is now considered as one of the oldest engineering feats in Australia.

This viewpoint also offers an excellent glimpse of the Pass’ sandstone rampart.

What to do at Mt Victoria

With an elevation of 1270 feet, Mitchell Point Hike is the one trail that you can adopt regardless of the season.

Starting off at Trail Log, this bushwalk requires a moderate level of fitness and covers around 2.6 miles of land. Boasting a rugged and steep terrain, this trail is easily one of Mt Victoria’s most scenic walks and offers an incredible insight into the Australian wilderness.

Mt Victoria hiking

Indeed, visitors will relish in the colorful wildflowers and thick ferns that cover this glorious expanse of land.

Because it is so high above the ground, you will benefit from a unique lookout point over the Blue Mountains region. In April, you will be greeted by large stretches of green grasses that overlook Mt Victoria’s most spectacular cliffs. In spring, this is one of the sunniest regions in Australia, but the climate remains more or less temperate because of the thick canopy of trees.

With fresh mountain air and crisp, balmy breezes, Mitchell Point Hike offers one of the most scenic picnic areas in Mt Victoria. If you’re interested in history, you might also want to check out the centuries-old transmission pole that still lies on the slopes of Mitchell Spur.

From the spur, visitors will also have a breathtaking view of Mitchell Point’s towering summit.

Mount Vic Flicks

Another historic landmark in Mt. Victoria, Mount Vic Flicks is one of Blue Mountains’ oldest film theatres. Featuring an enchanting old-school architecture, this cinema strives to deliver an authentic 20’s experience, enabling visitors to experience what it felt like to go to the movies so many decades ago.

Mount Vic Flicks

Unlike ultra-contemporary establishments, this cinema is not equipped with a foyer and only comes with a smallish ticket box at the front. Even the seats are old-school for a far more realistic experience.

It should be noted that the screen does offer clear and crisp visuals.

Facts about Mt Victoria

Filled with historic architecture, Mt Victoria is especially known for its centuries-old Imperial Hotel, as well as the town’s Toll House, St Peter’s Anglican Church, Gatekeeper’s Cottage and the Mount Victoria Post Office. While it is rich in architecture, Mt. Victoria additionally offers wonderful acres of lush greenery teeming with foliage, wild animals and rare bird species.

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