Megalong Valley
Experience the natural beauty of the area

One of the most popular Blue Mountains destinations, Megalong Valley offers plenty to visitors who want to take a step out of their everyday life and completely lose themselves in the midst of nature.

Megalong Valley

This town has a tiny population of approximately 200, which only serves to enhance the powerful sense of country charm that reigns within. From cosy inns to farmhouses, visitors will be able to enjoy the comfortable accommodation with hosts who strive offer an authentic experience.

While it does not offers a lot in terms of contemporary activities, Mega Long Valley will charm just about anyone who wants to make the most out of its numerous rainforests and camping sites.

What to do at Megalong Valley

Designed to help you experience the raw beauty of the surrounding regions, the Six Foot Track bushwalk will take you through an amazing assortment of valleys, creeks, cliffs and forests. With an amazing elevation of 800m, the track is ideal for every season and has a moderate level of difficulty.

Because it has such a high altitude, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the heart of the Australian wilderness. Indeed, the Six Foot Track is practically bursting with wondrous sights such as rare fauna, escarpments and various types of caves.

Megalong Valley aerial

Originally a bridle track, this particular Blue Mountain destination covers an expanse of 44.3km and starts off along the outskirts of Katoomba. Visitors will be glad to learn that the track does come with a variety of camping spots where you can set up your tent for the night and pursue your walk at a leisurely pace the following day.

At night, Megalong Valley’s Six Foot Track offers an untamed view of the night sky, providing you with the perfect opportunity to study the magnificent Australian constellations and stars. This track also enables you to explore the world-famous Jenolan Caves, Black Range, Cox’s River and Nellie’s Gen.

Jenolan Caves

Some of the caves date to at least 340 million years, providing you with a unique insight into Megalong Valley’s exceptional historical sites.

If you’re looking to experience the unblemished natural beauty of this particular Blue Mountain destination, you might want to opt out of traditional accommodation options in favor of camping.

Megalong Valley is especially reputed for its scenic camping spots that are often found next to refreshing creeks, lakes or rivers.

Old Ford Reserve, for example, will take you through a stunning rainforest that gradually opens on a valley plain, where you can pitch your tent for the night. This camping spot includes restrooms as well as picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy your meals smack in the middle of nature.

Brimming with greenery, Old Ford Reserve also includes a lovely creek where families can enjoy a glorious dip to cool off after the day.

About Megalong Valley

This picturesque little town lies at the very heart of everything that helped put Blue Mountains on the map. With dazzling blues and deep forest green, Megalong Valley delivers a wondrous sensory experience.

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