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If there is one thing that made Blue Mountains so famous all over the world, it’s undoubtedly its generous wildlife teeming with lush green foliage and a myriad of colorful flowers. It should therefore come as no wonder that tourists and local alike often visit Blue Mountains’ enchanting towns and villages to check out the numerous parks and gardens that dot the area.

Parks and Gardens Blue MountainsA two hour drive from Sydney, Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens is a wonderful wheelchair-friendly expanse of land that will allow you to take a leisurely stroll as you inhale the gloriously sweet scent of flowers. This Blue Mountains attraction is entirely free and open virtually every day of the year. These gardens are known for their multiple vistas with varying themes such as a formal French garden, Eurasian woodland, ponds, rainforest, heath and heather parks, conifer sections as well as a bog garden.

If you want to be treated to a truly breathtaking experience, you might want to visit Everglades Garden in Leura during spring, where the garden is in full bloom. Covering more than 12 acres, the Everglades garden offers spectacular views over Jamison Valley.

It should still be noted that the park does charge an entry fee, but then again, visitors can stay for as long as they want. The Everglades also includes several eating spots where you can enjoy a delectable picnic lunch right in the middle of nature.

Visitors from all over the world always flock to Blue Mountains to attend the awe-inspiring Leura Gardens Festival. Indeed, if you’re looking for a unique Blue Mountains attraction, you really can’t go wrong with the Leura Gardens Festival. During this festival, visitors will be able to visit some of Leura’s most popular flowers, including camellias, dogwoods, rhododendrons and azaleas.

If you fancy a long stroll, you can walk from garden to garden, but shuttle buses have also been arranged to help visitors explore the different expanses of land.

Reputed for its rare plants and deliciously cool climate, Mt Wilson is also known for its numerous gardens that are open throughout the year. However, most visitors tend to visit these gardens during Autumn and Spring, where the trees and flowers take on absolutely delightful hues.

Visitors will be glad to learn that this Blue Mountains attraction also includes parks that are over 130 years old.

Measuring 45 acres, the Campbell Rhododendron Gardens will amaze you with the sheer diversity of flowers and trees. If you are a botanist or if you simply want to find a place where  you can just lose  yourself in nature, you will undoubtedly relish in this particular Blue Mountains attractions. After a relaxing garden stroll, visitors will be able to check out the Lodge Tree Rooms found on the property.

From scones with cream to various types of teas, this quaint little cafe will help you relax and unwind as you breathe in the marvelously scented air in one of Blue Mountain’s most scenic attractions.

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