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blue-mountains-destinations-contentTeeming with over 1500 species of animals, plants and birds, Blue Mountains is flanked by an array of towns and villages that look as though they’ve been plucked straight out of a fairy-tale. Featuring incredible destinations with panoramic views, Blue Mountains can easily become a sanctuary for just about anyone.

Whether you want to unleash your adventurous side or savour the exceptional tranquillity of the Blue Mountains, you can take your pick from one of the many destinations that never cease to amaze visitors.


From deep valleys to ethereal waterfalls or tan-coloured sandstone plateaus, Katoomba has everything to offer to the adventurous soul. One of the most popular destinations in Blue Mountains, Katoomba is also home to some of the rarest animals in the world.

Whether you want to arrange a trekking expedition across Jamison Valley or challenge yourself by checking out the notoriously difficult Mount Solitary walking track, you will undoubtedly be enthralled by the lush greenery that helped make Blue Mountains popular all over the world.


With a population of less than 5000, Leura is internationally acclaimed for its rustic beauty and unblemished charm. Visitors can explore Sublime Point Road, a breathtaking viewpoint that stands a majestic 900m above sea level. Leura is also home to Blue Mountains’ reputed Toy and Railway Museum an establishment that will undoubtedly delight both kids and adults alike, thanks to its jaw-dropping collection of vintage model railways, teddy bears, dolls and general toys. The town is also known for its prized Leura shopping and cafe centre.

If you’re visiting Blue Mountains, it’s also highly advisable to take a Cliff Drive that will lead you to Leura’s scenic Cascades for a romantic picnic.


One of Blue Mountains’ largest towns, Springwood is reputed for its thrilling bush walks.

Bursting with hidden treasures, this town provides you with some much-needed escapism from the bustle of everyday life. From thick foliage to refreshing waterfalls, this is the ideal place for visitors who want to enjoy a light picnic in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Springwood also has a multitude of parks as well as a Historic Gallery where you can enjoy contemporary sculptures and artwork by Australian artists.

Wentworth Falls

If you’re looking for a picturesque Blue Mountains destination, you might want to check out Wentworth Falls. Known for its spectacular viewpoints, lakes and bushwalks, Wentworth Falls is particularly reputed for its Charles Darwin Walk that will take you through a glorious journey filled with tranquil greenery and rare fauna.

Golf enthusiasts will relish in the town’s Golf Club where sports merrily fuses with crisp, fresh air, courtesy of Wentworth Falls. In the local village, you can enjoy cosy coffee shops and bask in the enchanting atmosphere of the local community.


From waterfalls to dazzling blue lakes ideal for kayaking, Blackheath is a striking destination that houses both cosy and luxurious accommodation for visitors who want to spend the night. Especially known for its local culinary delicacies, this town is also equipped with high-elevation viewpoints that will lay the majestic Blue Mountains scenery at your feet.

Visitors can take long, leisurely strolls across the perfectly manicured gardens and admire the brightly-coloured plants and flowers that bloom in spring.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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