Resonating with tranquillity

Hailed as one of the largest towns in the Blue Mountains area, Springwood offers the type of idyllic setting that resonates with tranquillity, abundant foliage and sparkling ponds with waterfalls.


With plenty of shade and glorious views over the lower Blue Mountains, Springwood blooms with life in autumn where all the lush greenery takes on glorious sunset-kissed hues.

While it has everything to please nature-lovers, this picturesque town also comes with family-friendly attractions such as gaming lounges, parks, bowling and sports club, among others.

In Springwood, you will also find a plethora of charming inns, motels and restaurants where you can sample some of the best delicacies in town.

Since 1988, Braemar Gallery has hosted a variety of exhibitions by regional, local and international artists. Visitors will relish in the gallery’s spectacular surroundings and intricate artwork. Springwood’s main gallery is found in the history Braemar House, which maintains its aristocratic splendour and general sense of grandeur.

Martins Lookout Loop Walk

One of Springwood’s most alluring attractions is the Martins Lookout Loop Walk. This natural wonder provides you with a glorious escape where you can experience refreshing creeks and scenic vegetation. The bush walk debuts at Picnic Point and takes you over to Martins Falls, where you can enjoy a cool dip under the waterfall.

If you want a bird’s eye view over Blue Mountain’s lower region, you can head out to Martin’s lookout. With a spectacular view, the lookout is also home to rare bird species and gloriously coloured flora. Over the course of your walk, you might also come across small stretches of sandy beaches next to additional swimming holes where children and parents alike can splash about to their heart’s content.

Martin's Lookout

Springwood’s Martin loop walk requires between 4 to 5 hours to cover the 11km. It has an ascent of 200m, which is suitable for walkers with a moderate fitness level.

Springwood Country Club

Established for over a century, the Springwood Country Club will help you enjoy the town’s temperate weather and balmy breeze. Whether you want to enjoy a nice round of golf or lounge by the pool, this club is ideal for tourists who want to merge countryside charm with just a touch of luxury. This club is especially known for its striking views over the neighbouring towns and Blue Mountains in general.

As far as entertainment is concerned, visitors may enjoy a variety of activities offered by the club. From weddings to birthday parties or romantic picnics on the panoramic lawns, this particular establishment will undoubtedly provide the perfect escapism from the lively albeit enchanting town.

About Springwood

An hour away from Sydney, Springwood has an altitude of approximately 371m over sea level. With a population of 8000, this town can easily be accessed by train or by car. If you don’t want to eat out, rest assured that Springwood does come with a variety of butchers, grocery shops and supermarkets. Cosy coffee shops can also be found all over town.

Springwood is dotted with sprawling manicured gardens, it also has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation. Click through the hotels below to check availability and pricing.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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