The Three Sisters
An icon of the Blue Mountains

One of the most popular Blue Mountain attraction is undoubtedly the Three Sisters at Echo Point. Indeed, this unique rock formation attracts visitors from all over the world every year. Very few people can remain immune to the unparalleled beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Brimming with a variety of scenic attractions, the Blue Mountains area is actually spectacular enough to warrant a World Heritage badge.

Three sisters scenic skyway

Boasting weathered peaks and cliffs that were formed more than a thousand years ago, this area is also reputed for its teeming wildlife and exceptional views.

Some of the region’s sandstone peaks have an altitude of more than 900m high above sea level.

Three Sisters Lookout

We might never know how true the aboriginal legend is, but there’s no denying the spectacular views that visitors are treated to when they visit this picturesque Blue Mountains attraction.

Indeed, not far from the Three Sisters is the Echo Point viewpoint. This lookout spot provides you with a perfect view on the three rock formations.

Echo point lookout

Because this Blue Mountains attraction is so high above the ground, visitors will be able to see the world-famous blue haze that is actually created from the eucalyptus oil released from the forest.

Depending on what time you visit the lookout, you will be able to see the Three Sisters rock formation gradually change colors as the sunlight moves over them, basking this heritage-listed attraction in glorious bursts of colors.

It should still be noted that the Echo Point viewpoint is fully wheelchair accessible.

Visitors who want to check out the Three Sisters from this incredible lookout point will also have access to drinking water, carpark and restrooms.

Where to stay near The Three Sisters?

Katoomba is one of the most convenient places to stay in Blue Mountains because of it’s close proximity to so many points of interest such as Echo Point, the Three Sisters and Scenic World.

There’s a broad range of accommodation at Echo Point, ranging from 3 star bed and breakfasts and backpacker hostels to 5 star luxury accommodation.

The Giant Stairway

Another popular attraction found at the flank of the Three Sisters, the Giant Stairway consists of a charming bushwalking trail that leads you to the rock formation.

Visitors will have to ascend over 800 stone and steel steps in order to complete the 1.5 hour walk, but the effort is undeniably worth it since you will be able to view the Three Sisters rock formation in all its splendor.

Giant Stairway

If you don’t want to walk all the way back, you can take the Scenic Railway that will take you to the plateau.

In fact, it’s worth booking a trip on the Scenic Railway to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Three Sisters and other neighboring Blue Mountains attractions.

Aboriginal Legend

According to an old aboriginal legend, there used to be three sisters named Gunnedoo, Wimlah and Meehni who lived in the Jamison valley.

The three ladies were madly in love with three brothers, but because they belonged to a rival tribe, they could not get married.

Ignoring tribal laws, the three brothers decided to capture the sisters, causing an unparalleled war between their tribes.

To protect them, they took the sisters to a witch doctor who would temporarily turn the ladies into stone until the war was over.

Unfortunately, the witch doctor was killed before he could reverse the spell, leaving the three sisters forever encased in stone.

Map of the Blue Mountains

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