Scenic World
The Scenic Railway, the Scenic Skyway, and the Scenic Cableway

Scenic World in the Blue Mountains is one of the major tourist destinations in the area and has several attractions sites that include the Scenic Railway, the Scenic Skyway, and the Scenic Cableway.

Most tourists go to the Scenic World to view the three sites.

scenic world blue mountains

Visitors also enjoy the thrilling yet exciting walk on the Scenic Walkway that gives an amazing view of the rainforest.

The lookout gives breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains including their plant covers, mountain peaks, Katoomba falls, and Jamison Valley.

However, each site in the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains gives tourists a different experience.

The Scenic Railway

The Scenic Railway or the Katoomba Scenic Railway is a cable-driven railway that was constructed in the 1880s. It is the steepest railway in the world.

Blue Mountains Scenic Railway

Its inclination is estimated at 52 degrees. The Railways stretches to a distance of more than 300 meters. The Railway descends through a tunnel by the cliff to the rainforest.

The railway is the oldest and most popular attraction in the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. The most recent upgrade of the Scenic Railway was completed in 2013.

The upgrade included new carriages with glass roofed that allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the rainforest and Jamison Valley.

Scenic World railway track

The carriages are available at the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

The Scenic Skyway

The Skyway is a cable-driven passage above the Katoomba Falls. The Skyway was constructed in 1958 and upgraded in 2004.

A trip with the Scenic Skyway gives an amazing experience and view of the Katoomba Falls.

Three sisters scenic skyway

After the upgrade in 2004, a cable car that carries 72 passengers across the Katoomba Falls replaced the Scenic Skyway.

Visitors to the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains can have a taste of the World’s history when dining and relaxing at the picnic shelter.

The Scenic Cableway

Most visitors to the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains want to explore the mountain ranges as well.

The Blue Mountains are a leading tourist destination in Australia and viewing them from Scenic World makes a trip more adventurous.

The Cableway takes visitors on a journey of more than 500 meters that reveals additional attraction sites on the Blue Mountains.

The Cableway passes through the Jamison Valley and ends at the top of the escarpment.

The Cableway can carry 84 passengers. Tourists can expect a spectacular view of the Three Sisters, Jurassic Rainforest, Mt. Solitary, the Orphan Rock, and Katoomba in one trip.

How to get to Scenic World

Getting to the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains takes about two hours by rail or road from Sydney. The destination is about 100 kilometers from Sydney.

Visitors travelling by rail can alight at the Katoomba Railway station and hire a tour service to the Scenic World.

Tour companies also offer trips from Sydney straight the Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

Explore more with our Blue Mountains map and find your way around Australia’s famous mountain region. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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