The Blue Mountains
Discover this beautiful rugged land

If you want to experience the unblemished beauty of the Australian wilderness, you might want to visit the Blue Mountains. The fresh air is filled with the aroma of eucalyptus oil, courtesy of the lush canopy of Eucalyptus trees that flank the area.

Scenic enough to warrant a World Heritage status from UNESCO, the Blue Mountains are located west of Sydney in New South Wales and provide a plethora of natural attractions.

Australia's Blue Mountains

As you ascend above Sydney and approach the mountains, you’ll breathe in the pure mountain air. There’s no better place in New South Wales to take in all that the state has to offer.

Bushwalking, art galleries, eating, shopping, day spas, golf, and a slew of other activities are available near Echo Point’s Three Sisters.

The Blue Mountains are the perfect location for a romantic retreat or a family vacation.

The Blue Mountains are part of a World Heritage Site and provide a tranquil setting for the ideal way of life. In each village, the ambience is relaxed back and hospitable, making it a great place to spend time.

One with Nature

Boasting an impressive range of fauna, the Blue Mountains is home to more than 400 forms of animals, including the elusive spotted-tail quoll, the long-nosed potoroo and the koalas, among others.

With views breathtaking enough to elevate your senses and bring you closer to nature, this mountainous region features a stunning collection of rain forest streams, ranges, escarpments, and dissected plateaus that are directly carved in bedrock.

Whether you want take a hike through the rugged terrain, or simply lie under the cerulean sky and listen to the gentle flow of the streams, the mountains are filled with stunning wonders that are bound to please just about anyone.

Visitors will be able to take refreshing nature walks along the flanks of the Three Sisters, a unique set of rock formation that helped make the Blue Mountains popular all over the world.

This mountain range can be accessed through a bushwalking trail, but if you don’t want to climb all the way to the top, you can always hop on the cable-driven Katoomba Scenic Railway.

This attraction is doubly popular because of its sectioned liquid crystal glass floor designed to deliver awe-inspiring views as you course through the mountains.

The Blue Moutains area is also renowned for its limestones caves, where calcite formations are of the purest white imaginable. These caves feature more than 300 entrances and visitors to the Blue Mountains can access them through group tours.

Restaurants + Accommodation

From luxury retreats to cosy chalets, the Blue Mountains can easily accommodate visitors who want to spend the night. As pleasant as it is to visit the mountain ranges during the day, this place also offers striking scenery by night.

Fans of astronomy can relish in the absence of city lights to star gaze to their heart’s content.

The Blue Mountains fauna, seemingly silent during the day, springs to life after sunset, allowing you to hear enjoy their soft chirping or rustles as they move among the thick bushes.

Visitors who opt to spend the night can also choose between quite a few restaurants that cater to just about every taste. Village restaurants are known for their local delicacies that will undoubtedly take your tastebuds on a trip of their own.

The Blue Mountains

Nestled between Gundungurra legends and geological realities, the Blue Mountains offer more than just a picturesque trip through nature. Indeed, this place is rich in Australian culture and history, with villagers often at the ready to enthral visitors with their stories.

The Blue Mountains climate does vary according to the elevation, but you can expect temperatures ranging between 22 °C to 35 °C.

It can get colder during the winter, but the Blue Mountains ranges do offer pleasantly cool mornings in general.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

How big are the Blue Mountains? What is the tallest mountain? Where are the Blue Mountains? Why are the Blue Mountains blue? This special iconic place invokes so many questions – see our Blue Mountains Facts page to get all the answers.

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