Mt Wilson
Historic Blue Mountains heritage garden village

A two-hour ride from Sydney, Mt Wilson has just about everything to please any nature-lover.

Mt Wilson

Boasting a small population of approximately 300, this town close to Mt Irvine, defines the very best that Blue Mountains’ numerous destinations have to offer. From large expanses of picnic grounds to refreshing bushwalks, Mt Wilson is filled with a variety of both energetic and relaxing activities that will help you forget the bustle of your everyday life.

Because it has an altitude of 1008m above sea level, you can also enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding towns and the Blue Mountains region in general.

What to do in Mt Wilson

Bursting with a variety of sculptures crafted by British artists, Yengo Sculpture Gardens is home to some of the rarest plant species in Mt Wilson.

MT Wilson Park

This historic landmark has undergone a plethora of restorations throughout the years to create the perfect environment for rare plants to thrive in.  In fact, visitors will be able to admire century-old species from North America as well as the Himalayas. These include the Western Red Cedars and Deodars. In this garden, you will also find a variety of bronze human and animal sculptures carefully crafted by renowned artists such as Judith Holmes Drewry and Lyord Le Blanc. In fact, bathed in the mystical orangey autumn glow, several of these intricately-carved sculptures can even appear real.

Western Red Cedar

Some of Mt Wilson’s most popular garden sculptures include depictions of lyrebirds, gazelles and even a Brolga fountain.

Collectors will be glad to learn that it is possible to purchase several of the sculptures on display. If you’re visiting Mt Wilson from abroad, you can also arrange for shipping.

This garden is set on a wide stretch of greenery in the middle of which is found a charming stone house. As far as plants are concerned, botanists will undoubtedly relish in Yengo garden’s 136 year old trees in the likes of the Spanish cork, Sequoia and the world-famous Cedar of Lebanon.

As far as Blue Mountains destinations are concerned, you really can’t go wrong with the world-famous Waterfalls Walk. One of the most scenic places in Mt Wilson, this bushwalk will unearth the region’s hidden falls that will enchant visitors of all ages. Ideal for nature lovers, Waterfalls Walk is bursting with everything that the Australian wildlife has to offer.

Waterfalls Creek

From tree-ferns, corkwood, giant coachwoods and sassafras, you will be able to experience some of Mt. Wilson’s most glorious wonders as you pass through the rainforest. Most of the waterfalls are multi-layered and cascade gently into cool lakes.

Facts about Mt Wilson

Named after the old colonies’ Minsiter for Lands, Mt Wilson was first discovered in 1868. A true feast for the eyes, this little town has undergone some development to welcome visitors from all over the world, but it still remains true to its natural beauty.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you will be able to rent rooms in cottages or inns, where most of the time, local delicacies are provided for dinner.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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