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Hotels and Accommodation in the Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls is one of the most beautiful towns adjacent to Leura and Katoomba in the region of Blue Mountain found in New South Wales Australia.

Wentworth Falls AccommodationThe town is approximately 100 kilometers away from Sydney and the location within the Blue Mountain is what has made it very popular with tourists.

Wentworth Falls offers a wide variety of top class accommodation that are suitable to different budgets.

Here are some of the best Wentworth Falls accommodation which are worth looking at the next time you visit the area.

Wentworth Falls Accommodation

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Wentworth Falls Bed and Breakfast

For tourists who are looking for a mid-range accommodation where they can stay for a couple of nights then Monique’s Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place. This is one of the top Wentworth Falls B&Bs which is closest to hiking trails and at the heart of the Blue Mountains.

The prices are affordable, the rooms are big enough and have that home feeling from the old-school design making this a preferred accommodation in the area.

Silvermere bed and Bed and Breakfast is another top notch Wentworth Falls accommodation which is luxurious and at the same time affordable.

The beds are really huge plus the rooms have large windows with a captivating view of the lush garden and a distance view of the Blue Mountains.

Where to stay in Wentworth Falls

For tourists who have families and are looking for a spacious place that can accommodate many people, then Blue Mountain Holiday House is the perfect place. Some of the amenities that visitors can enjoy include; air-conditioned rooms, free parking, games room, washing machine, and a fireplace.

The Hideaway Retreat is a mid-level budget Wentworth Falls holiday house because for just $298 you can enjoy some of the best services in a hotel which offer luxury and privacy. The Hideaway Retreat offers very large, clean rooms which are air conditions plus visitors can enjoy the free parking and swimming pool.

The foods offered in the retreat are prepared by some of the best chefs plus there is the option of having a specially prepared meal. This modern holiday house ensures that visitors enjoy the serene of nature.

Backpackers in the Blue Mountains

The cheapest, and generally oldest, types of hotels are the backpacker hostels that dot the region. For almost next to nothing, guests can enjoy a shared room, and a host of clean amenities at a majority of backpacker inns and resorts. Well equipped community kitchens and leisure areas are just some of the facilities offered by these hostels and guesthouses.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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