Brimming with old-town charm

Flanking the Blue Mountains area is Linden, a scenic town that resonates with the kind of fresh air that you simply would not experience anywhere else.

The least populated area around Blue Mountains, Linden is brimming with old-town charm and gripping history that never cease to captivate visitors from all over the world. From ruins to incredible views of the night sky, this town is perfect for anyone who wants to lose themselves in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re a fan of astronomy, you will undoubtedly relish in the world-famous Linden Observatory.

Linden Observatory

First established in 1940, this particular building is set well-away from the town’s twinkling lights. Founded by Ken Beames, an amateur but talented telescope maker, the observatory offers a unique glimpse into Australia’s darkest sky. From nebulae to glorious constellations, you can be sure to experience the show of a lifetime.

In this observatory, you will even be able to check out the historic reflector telescope that was built by Mr. Beames himself. The Linden Observatory is also set in the middle of sprawling greenery, which is ideal for a midnight stroll under the stars.

Soak up as much sunshine as you want as you take a leisurely bushwalk that leads to Linden’s Paradise Pool. One of the most picturesque areas in Blue Mountains, this pool does require a half-hour walk but it is suitable for people of different fitness levels.

Boasting deliciously cool water, Paradise Pool consists of a sparkling stream that gently tumbles into a surprisingly large swimming area.

Linden Paradise Pool

One side is flanked by a delightful stretch of white, soft beach, while on the other stands a majestic cliff that sweeps the lower Blue Mountains region.

While the sun always filters through the lush canopy of trees, visitors will be pleased to learn that the climate in this region remains pleasurably temperate, with a refreshing breeze to help you cool off after your walk.

Thanks to the trees and greenery, most of the pool is nicely shaded. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take a spectacular plunge from above the waterfall and experience the thrill of jumping in deep water from higher up.

Linden Ridge

If you want to experience the rugged beauty of Blue Mountains’ wilderness, don’t hesitate to schedule a bushwalk across Linden Ridge.

Hilly and dotted with creeks, lakes and swimming holes, this trail starts off near Linden station. The main track takes you all the way down to the bottom of a hill, where you can sit down and relax right in the middle of thick foliage and trees.

If you want to go off-path, you might even end up in Falconbridge Point, a neighbouring village in the Blue Mountains region. Because of its uneven terrain, this trail is also great for mountain bikers.

Facts about Linden

With a tiny population of no more than 430, Linden is not far from Sydney and can be accessed via a short 75 minutes ride by train.

Because it has an altitude of 526 above sea level, this lovely little town provides you with an exceptional view over Blue Mountains and its most popular rock formations.

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