An ideal tranquil retreat.

The scenic Blue Mountains town of Glenbrook is known for its fresh, crisp air and plant reserves. From camping to hiking, this charming little town is located at the heart of abundant greenery and refreshing lakes.


With a perfect view over Blue Mountain’s most picturesque views, this town is ideal for a tranquil retreat away from the city. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll in a forest filled with rare flora and fauna, or kayak across crystalline waters, rest assured that Glenbrook has something for just about anyone.

Covering a jaw-dropping area of 200,000 hectares, Glenbrook leads you right into the world-renowned Blue Mountains National Park. This uplifted plateau is divided by a number of impressively wide rivers in which you can enjoy a refreshing dip or a more energetic rowing session.

Blue Mountains National Park

Boasting picture-book views, waterfalls and relaxing bushwalks, Blue Mountains National Park additionally offers spacious areas where you can set camp for the night or enjoy an afternoon picnic as you watch the sun sink behind the Three Sisters rock formation. Because of its elevated terrains and spectacular cliffs, visitors can also indulge in abseiling, mountain biking and rock climbing.

The Little Cinema with the Big Smile

An extremely popular tourist attraction, Glenbrook’s local cinema started off as a modest theatre back in the 20’s. Dubbed “The Little Cinema with the Big Smile”, this institution is now reputed as one of the most technologically advanced cinemas in Australia. In fact, the cinema was among the first establishments developed on Glenbrook’s rugged terrain.

In spite of the cinema’s cutting-edge technology, visitors will receive old-fashioned service to help them experience the charm of a traditional 1920’s theatre. After your movie, take a minute to pose for a picture next to the historical stone horse trough that dates back to World War I.

A short walk from the cinema will take you to the elusive Pointsman Cottage. Once hidden from view, this cottage was built in 1871 and is now one of Glenbrook’s most coveted historical landmarks.

Jellybean Track

Ideal for family outings, the Jellybean Track opens at Glenbrook’s entry point towards the Blue Mountains National Park. This particular area will take you across a striking nature walk during which you might spot some elusive birds of prey, Lorikeets, Gang Gang Cockatoo, Kestrels and other rare birds.

Conclude your nature walk with an invigorating swim in Glenbrook’s famous Jellybean rock pool which is flanked by pretty sandstone staircase and large stretches of sandy beaches.

Jelly bean rock pool

Because the Jellybean Track is such an excellent spot for birdwatching, it is highly recommended to bring your binoculars along.

Glenbrook Facts

61kms away from Sydney, Glenbrook stands at a 164m elevation from the ground. With a population of 5,138, this charming little town includes a variety of inns, motels, hotels, restaurants and cafes where you can sample some local delicacies. With a temperate climate, Glenbrook is perfect for nature-lovers and bird-watchers.

Blue Mountains Facts + Weather

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