Jenolan Caves
Blue Mountains hidden treasure

Jenolan Caves are limestone caves that occupy more than three kilometers of the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.

Blue Mountains Jenolan CavesThe Reserve is located in the western region of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Scientists estimated that the caves are 340 million years old. If the estimate is accurately, Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains could the oldest limestone caves in the world. Australia has many limestone caves located in different parts of the country. However, Jenolan Caves attract the highest number of tourists because of their beautiful features and adventurous activities.

The Jenolan Caves network has more than 400 caves with more than 300 entrances. Jenolan Caves are among the protected areas in Australian with scientific and historic significance. Tourists and scientists began exploring caves in the Blue Mountains in the 19th century. The caves have been a leading tourist destination since that time.

Although the caves network has many caves and entrance, only eleven caves are open to the public. Other caves are too dangerous to explore. However, visitors need a guide and experience to explore some of the open caves. The Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains that visitors can explore include the River, Imperial, Ribbon, Temple of Baal, The Grand Arch, and Jubilees caves. Other caves in the network include Jersey, Arch, Chifley, Orient, Pool of Cerberus, Nettle, Elder, and Alladin caves. Visitors to the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains can explore the caves during the day or at night. However, night tours are unavailable on Sundays. Some caves are easier to explore and navigate than others. Visitors can explore less strenuous caves without local guides.

Activities + Features

Some of the features that tourists can view at Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains include crystal formations, underground rivers, and caves. Visitors can test their fitness levels by exploring strenuous caves such as the Imperial cave. In addition to ghost and guided tours, tourists can enjoy bushwalks and adventure caving. Tour companies offer kids’ tours during holidays for recreation and educational purposes. The caves in the Blue Mountains provide an adventurous holiday for the whole family.

Above the caves, tourists enjoy a beautiful view of the Blue Lake, Carlotta’s arch, and the Jenolan River. Jenolan Caves are located near the National Park. Visitors can explore the native wildlife and plant covers while visiting the caves in the Blue Mountains. Other adventurous activities at the Caves include bushwalks, which are free to locals and tourists. Visitors can also enjoy live performances and acoustics at the Cathedral Chambers in the Lucas Cave.

How to get to Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains are located about 175 kilometers from Sydney and 30 kilometers from Katoomba town center. Visitors can drive through the M4 motorway from Sydney through the Blue Mountains to the caves. Many tour services in Sydney offer direct trips and guides to the caves network. The number of people that can explore a cave at a time varies depending on the features in the caves. Some caves can only take a maximum of 8 people per trip. Visitors are advised to book their trips early to explore as many caves as they can in a day.

Map of the Blue Mountains

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