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Featuring a population of 4177 and with an altitude of 1025 above sea level, Blackheath is about 113kms from Sydney.

No other area will provide you with such a unique view over Blackheath’s majestic cliffs and spectacular scenery. This track features an ideal terrain for cliff-base trekking and refreshing plunges in ponds and waterfalls.


Because it is at such a high altitude, the Walls Ledge Track also offers a panoramic view of West Blackheath and the Blue Mountains region in general. In fact, this particular ledge also gives you a perfect glimpse of Fort Rock, a rock formation that’s unique to Blue Mountains.

This walking track measures 2.3km and requires around 1 hour and 15 minutes to make it all the way to the top. A fair level of fitness is required since it has an elevation of 128m.

Things to do in Blackheath

One of the area’s most popular bushwalk covers the scenic region from Pulpit Rock to Top Lookout. With breathtaking views over Grose valley, this bushwalk is perfect for just about anyone, regardless of their level of fitness. It should still be noted that there are plenty of stairs to cover.

Also known as the Top Lookout, the Pulpit Rock Lookout is one of the highest viewpoints. This place is also brimming with some of the rarer bird species in Australia.

Pulpit Rock

If you can’t make it all the way to the top, rest assured that Pulpit Rock has different levels of viewpoints that provides a 240 degree view of the far-away mountains, Govetts Gorge and the Blue Mountains national park. From the carpark, you need to cover around 400m to access Blackheath’s most spectacular lookout.

Visitors will undoubtedly marvel at the multitude of glorious flowers that bloom in Blackheath’s Campbell Rhododendrons Gardens.

Rhododendrons Gardens

This particular garden gradually changes color over the year, depending on the season. In late October, for example, the trees take on a gloriously golden hue, bathing the grounds in an almost mystical glow.

Visitors who check out the gardens in early November are even treated to a delectable cup of Devonshire tea. A lodge has also been erected where visitors can sit down and relax as they enjoy an assortment of snacks and beverages.

About Blackheath

Especially reputed for its friendly locals, the village is also acclaimed for its laid-back atmosphere.

With historic buildings scattered all over the regions, this particular spot also offers several green areas that are completely devoid of light pollution. This is why many visitors choose to go for long walks at night, where they can enjoy clear skies and a perfect view of the Australian constellations. This little village also has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation and dining.

Historic Building Victory Theatre

Filled with bushwalks and viewpoints, Blackheath will undoubtedly delight your visual senses and transport you to a world filled with natural wonders.

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Map of Blackheath

Explore more with our Blue Mountains map and find your way around Australia’s famous mountain region. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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