Explore the Blue Mountains

There’s nothing like a challenging session of canyoning in a wild, untamed terrain- something that you will undoubtedly experience as you visit those exciting Blue Mountains attractions.

Canyoning Blue MountainsBecause of its rocky plateaus, sandstone ledges and multiple-tiered waterfalls, the Blue Mountains is ideal for anyone who wants to experience that unique burst of adrenaline as they take on some of the world’s most challenging canyoning trips.

Very few companies embody the best of Blue Mountains tourism like High and Wild. Located in Katoomba, this company specializes in a wide range of guided adventures such as abseiling, rock climbing, survival, navigation and even canyoning.

Since the Blue Mountains is bursting with some of the most intricately carved canyons in the world, you can be sure to enjoy unparalleled beauty. Indeed, from spectacular sandstone plateaus to gushing streams, canyoning is undoubtedly the best way to make the most out of such wondrous Blue Mountains attractions. All the proper equipment is provided and instructors are always around to make sure that you’re having fun in all safety.

Canyoning for beginners

If you’re still a beginner at canyoning, you will be able to choose from different trips to some of the area’s easiest trails: the Rocky Creek and Wollangambe Canyons. Intermediate visitors can normally choose between the Serendipity Canyon, Bowens Creek Canyon as well as the Tigersnake Canyon, which offers breathtaking views in the winter.

In fact, the Tigersnake Canyon is also reputed for the stunning bushwalk that you will need to adopt to reach the canyon. Consequently, visitors will be able to see amazing sights that are normally concealed from most tourists. It is recommended to have a medium level of stamina and fitness to book a trip to this particular canyon, which can take between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Where to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains?

More experienced athletes will be able to explore the multiple Blue Mountain attractions from far higher up as they book a trip to the Claustral Canyon.

It is advisable to set aside an entire day for this gloriously challenging canyoning experience. Most expeditions start off from Mt Banks and will take you to the summit of Claustral Brook. If you want, you can blend canyoning with some abseiling and descent into a truly stunning set of waterfalls known as the Black Hole of Calcutta.

Not far from this is another stupendous Blue Mountain attraction known as the Ranon Canyon. With a junction measuring 700m long, this is undoubtedly the perfect place for anyone who wants to experience wonderful thrills and exciting adventures.

After you’ve completed your trip towards the end of the canyon, you can climb your way back up by passing through the Rainbow Ravine. As far as Blue Mountains attractions are concerned, you really can’t go wrong with this ravine that catches the sunlight and reflects it back in wondrous hues.

In spite of its soothing name, however, the ravine is quite tough to escalade, but it’s certainly worth it. From an altitude of 220m, most of the stunning Blue Mountains attractions will be laid at your feet.

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